Welcome Spring 2013

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It’s official, Spring is here!  So because I still have a good half a dozen stories to write, instead of babbling on here, I welcome Spring by giving you photo’s of adorable baby animals to gawk at.  Enjoy!

August12 010








February13 157

LCSJan13 231


Manatees12 334



August12 065

Sept12 175









Pic of the Week – 3/16

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March13 087

Here we are, mid March, and Spring is clearly in the air.  Nothing says Spring like all the baby animals on their way!  Last week while walking at Green Cay, my son flew up in his stroller and yelled “Bird!” as a little bird flew right in front of us with nesting material in her beak.  We stopped and watched where she went, landing in a plant near the boardwalk.  As we quietly approached where she was we could see her shuffling around between the leaves.  I knew she must have been building a nest yet I was still a little surprised to see such an elaborate little creation of dried grasses woven around branches to secure her little nest and soon to be home to her eggs.  Her dedication to her offspring was quite evident as she settles proudly into her nest, making her more than worthy of settling in at my Pic of the Week.

Happy Spring!

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On the first day of Spring, I took my son for a quick walk at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, FL.  Gumbo Limbo isn’t something you would normally do “quickly”, but we were racing South Florida rain showers. We had just enough time to walk around the butterfly gardens.  It seemed like everything Spring represented – warm weather, flowers, butterflies, April (ok, March) Showers. It was a beautiful day.  So rather than chat your ears off (or I suppose eyes, since you’re reading this) I’ll just let you enjoy the butterflies in peace, as we were able to.

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