Happy Bald Eagle Day!

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What a beautiful, majestic bird it is. A symbol of our country. So to all of you raptor lovers out there, Happy Bald Eagle Day!


Pic of the Week – 1/5

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January13 111

While it’s not the clearest picture I’ve ever taken, it sure was an exciting sight to see!  Right into the New Year, my friend and I traveled down to Pembroke Pines to see the one and only nesting pair of Bald Eagles in South East Florida.  It’s in a residential area, across the street from a school, not really where you would expect to see a pair of Eagles.  But year after year, this pair returns to this nest to lay their eggs and raise their young.  Finding it was a bit tough, funny as it may sound.  You can park along the street and see the nest across the street.  It took a little scouting and referring to a web site set up for this pair to find them, but once we saw the nest we though “How did we not see this?” (For the record, South Fl. Eagle Watch has made it incredible easy to locate the nest, giving you very specific instructions on where to stand for the best view.)  Momma Eagle was sitting in the nest, Daddy Eagle was nowhere to be seen.  We watched her as she preened herself and arranged her nest while watching over her egg.  Since an egg has been laid, there will always be at least one Eagle present until the Eaglets are ready to fledge, so if you’re in the South Florida area now is the perfect time to go have a looksy!  Maybe you’ll come up with your own pic of the week.

If You Go:


A Symbol of America on Thanksgiving

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On Thanksgiving day, on the way home from Sanibel, I was still kicking myself for missing the opportunity to snap pictures of the Bald Eagles we had seen that day.  Little did I know, my real opportunity was 5 minutes down the road from my inlaws at the Dollar General!  Yes, that’s right, the Dollar General of all places.  We were making the final right turn toward our families neighborhood when I spotted two large birds on top of a large bare tree.  Most of the day, I had been getting my hopes up of seeing these majestic birds only to find out what I though could have been them from a distance was actually an Osprey or a Turkey Vulture.  This time though, with their bright white heads glowing in the sunset, I was sure!  I frightened my husband into popping a u-turn and going back.

With around 1,200 nesting pairs, Florida has the third largest population of breeding eagles, with Alaska having the most and then Minnesota. Bald Eagles usually make their way down to Florida around September for the winter/breeding season, often returning to the same nest they have used in years before.  Because Eagles return to their old nests, organizations have been able to install “Eagle Cams” at the nests while the pair isn’t using it.  This gives anyone with internet access the ability to check in on a nesting pair and watch from the time eggs are laid until the young fledge.

While I didn’t see a nest in sight, I’m certain this pair of Eagles will be nesting nearby.  Three times we drove past the Dollar General, three times at least one of the raptors was there, if not on the old tree than perched upon a cell tower on the other side of the building.  Cape Coral has around 11 pairs of nesting Eagles in or near the town, we were pleasantly surprised to find this pair was practically our neighbors.

Photos taken with my Nikon D3100

To locate a nest in Florida, try FWC’s Nesting Locator…


Not near a nest but want to catch the nesting action anyway?  Try one of these Eagle Cams…


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