My Creatures at Home

My loves at home…

Lani the Siberian Husky

This right here is the face of trouble! My girl, Lani. AKA Bad Dog, Looney Tunes, Noodle Brain, and The Peanut. Cute, isn’t she? Don’t let her fool you, she’s up to no good!

Ok, so she’s not as bad as I’m making her out to be, she’s really not bad at all. While she is 100% trouble maker, she is also equally sweet. At almost 11 years of age, she doesn’t seem to realize she’s a day over 4. Lani is in a class of her own, unlike any other dog I’ve ever owned in my life. She ignores me, she listens simply when it suits her, she actually manages to communicate “No, I don’t wanna so I don’t have-ta” with the looks she gives me, she hates to cuddle, she talks back, she’ll dart out an open door in the blink of an eye, and she does things that drive me up the wall. I take it back, I don’t own her, she owns me. She also sucks it up and snuggles with me when I need it, follows me everywhere because she can’t stand being away from me, screams and howls in excitement when I get home, she has a sense of humor that can make me laugh more than most people, and she just plain loves me more than I deserve to be loved by anyone. And in the absence of our recently lost Hoku, she is stepping up and becoming an amazing big sister to my son. So while she drives me absolutely nutty (as do many of my loved ones), Lani is an irreplaceable part of our family, and I love my blue-eyed girl dearly.

Finley the Love Bird

Awesome is the best way I can describe Finley. Having hatched on St. Patricks Day, he gets his Irish name after “Chuck Finley” (Sam Axe’s famous alias on Burn Notice) because he’s as colorful as a Sam Axe shirt. I’m also pretty sure if I let him, he would be sipping down mojito’s too!He’s been a part of out family since he was only weeks old, coming home to live with us when he was just an ugly baby covered in pin feathers that needed to be hand fed every few hours. The result of hand feeding him ourselves is an sweet little creature that thinks we humans are his family. His wings have never been trimmed so he has the freedom to fly all about. Fin’s favorite place to land is on someone’s head… the kids absolutely love it and it has made grown 6ft+ men go running in the other direction. I never knew 4 inches of feather could be so frightening, but it’s pretty hilarious, and only adds to his awesomeness.

The Fish Tank

No, this isn’t Nemo… This is Phineas! He shares a tank with Ferb (another clown), Candice (a hyper wrasse), and Perry (an eyelash blenny who is always disappearing). Parents and overgrown children like myself will know where they get their names. I love my salt water tank, it’s beautiful and peaceful… until I see something dirty that makes me break out a toothbrush and scrub… then it’s back to love again.



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  1. Your Lani is a completely different looking dog( stunning eyes!) to my Ruby, but they are spookily similar in personality!!!

    • Then you know as well as I do, it’s never a dull moment with a dog who realizes they have options and can therefor do as they please. lol

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