Pic of the Week – 3/16

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March13 087

Here we are, mid March, and Spring is clearly in the air.  Nothing says Spring like all the baby animals on their way!  Last week while walking at Green Cay, my son flew up in his stroller and yelled “Bird!” as a little bird flew right in front of us with nesting material in her beak.  We stopped and watched where she went, landing in a plant near the boardwalk.  As we quietly approached where she was we could see her shuffling around between the leaves.  I knew she must have been building a nest yet I was still a little surprised to see such an elaborate little creation of dried grasses woven around branches to secure her little nest and soon to be home to her eggs.  Her dedication to her offspring was quite evident as she settles proudly into her nest, making her more than worthy of settling in at my Pic of the Week.


Pic of the Week – 3/9

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ManateesMarch13 183 copy copy

I know what you’re thinking… “It’s Monday, how could you possibly have a pic of the week already?”  Let’s face it, it’s not going to get any better this week than that face above!  Over the weekend my best friend and I returned to Crystal River because I wanted to spend my birthday with manatees.  Strange request maybe, but they are quite the party animal!  This little guy above kept on making his way away from other groups and back to us.  He was not only the hilight of our trip but also my Pic of the Week. (Stay tuned for full story to follow… as soon as I manage to catch up on other backed stories!)

Pic of the Week 3/2

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This weeks Pic of the Week is a throwback picture from a long time ago. This past week marked two things – it was the 9 month mark since my dear Hoku had passed. 9 months later, it still hurts and I’m still heartbroken. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think of her. But Hoku was more about laughing than crying and I know she wouldn’t want tears shed over her. So while I miss her terribly, this week also marked a very important day – it was 12 years ago on February 26th that I brought Hoku home. This picture was from that day. My adorable little bundle of fluff that stole my heart and forever changed my life. So even though she’s not here with me today, her spirit lives on in our hearts, and I am so grateful and honored to have been her human for over 11 wonderful years. My Hoku, the 4- legged love of my life, and this weeks adorable Pic of the Week!

(For my newer readers who are wondering who this lovely little puppy is, see my above tab “Farewell Hoku” to read about the World’s Best Dog)

Pic of the Week – 2/23

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February13 132 copy

Last weekend was a pretty cool weekend.  Literally, for South Florida, it was a chilly 50 something degrees that required layers for those of us with thin blood and came with plenty of complaining from those “Who live in Florida so I don’t get cold” (Which, by the way, we still get cool, you live in Florida so you don’t have to dig out of the snow.)  But if there was someone who LOVES the cool weather it’s my Husky, Lani Bad Dog.  She and I headed out on what I believe was the coolest evening we had all winter to catch the sunset.  I had never been out to the Evergaldes to watch a sunset, so I opted to bring Lani for “protection”… Protection as in she’ll lick you to death.  Regardless of her reason for tagging along, she was psyched to be there!  Since I had my son, life is mostly about him, and since she became an “only dog-child” 9 months ago when our Hoku passed, I can tell she’s been in a rut.  I try my hardest, but usually the only time just her and I get to spend quality time together not at home is when I bring her to the vet or to be groomed.  So needless to say, this was a special night for her.  Cool weather, just the two of us, and new sights ans smells, she was in heaven!  Shortly after the sun set we began hearing noises of larger animals shuffling around in the saw grass.  I could only imagine they were probably alligators hustling to find somewhere warm to sit.  Nose to the air, she explored the sights, sounds, and smells of the environment.  And in this moment, apparently tastes too, becoming my highlight and Pic of the Week.

Pic of the Week – 2/16

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February13 215

Over the weekend my family took a trip to the Palm Beach Zoo.  It was probably the coolest weekend we’ve had all winder, a beautiful day to be outside.  Many of the animals were laying out in the sun, keeping warm and relaxing.  When we got to the Florida exhibit I figured the animals here would be doing pretty much the same.  I love the otter display, it’s been one of my favorites here since I was a child, but I assumed they would be out basking in the sun as well.  It was a delightful surprise to see them leaping into the water and playing.  They would run up the back side, jump in, and flip and glide beneath the water, then repeat the process.  They were adorable, quite a hit with the crowd watching, and this weeks adorable Pic of the Week.

Pic of the Week – 2/9

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February13 236

Last week, I took my son to the Loxahatchee Wildlife Preserve.  I hadn’t been in next to forever and I wanted to drop in while we were in the area.  Out on our hike, we came across this Red Shoulder Hawk perched on the top of a small tree.  I thought for sure by the time we got “too close for comfort” that the bird would fly away.  We continued to approach while he continued to mind his own business.  We got within a few yards of the tree as we walked along the path and he just sat, preening himself and watching his surroundings.  This brave bird, as well as many of the other animals we encountered that day, didn’t seem to care that we were there at all.  His acceptance of us allowed me to get close enough to make him my pic of the week.

Pic of the Week – 2/2/13

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January13 046

I live in an area where nature literally surrounds me.  No, I don’t mean I live in a cabin in the woods or anything, but there is wildlife everywhere we look.  South Florida is a perfect example of where wildlife meshes with humans.  Sadly, it doesn’t always work out so well for the creatures.  Upon returning home from work one evening, I got out of my car and saw this Cooper’s Hawk sitting on the fence.  I was thrilled that he was still there by the time I was able to make it past my son and dog, retrieve my camera, and sneak back outside to take his picture.  There he was, peacefully perched in a residential neighborhood.  I was hoping he wasn’t on the look out for the neighbors dog who is constantly let out unleashed and unsupervised.  He wasn’t, he was just enjoying the beautiful evening.  Soon enough he was on his way, I’m imagining back to the nature park just minutes from my home, but not before becoming my Pic of the Week.

Pic of the Week – 1/26/13

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LCSJan13 121

Or should I say “Pick of the week”.  Yesterday’s trip to Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach had a lot of sights to see!  The Watusi were hanging out near the road on the drive through safari.  We were admiring their horns, which can reach an amazing 8 feet in length from bottom to tip.  Turns out they have some other amazing abilities… How does a Watusi pick its nose without fingers?  Well see above… My charming pic(k) of the week.

Pic of the Week – 1/19/13

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NatureJan13 089

If there’s one thing you’ll come to find I absolutely love, it’s babies!  Even newly hatched baby birds, ugly as they may be, to me are are so ugly that they’re actually cute!  While this isn’t a newly hatched baby, I still love this shot.  This picture is from a recent trip to Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach.  It’s not often that I see a Black Crowned Night Heron, in fact I only saw my first one last year, and can count how many I’ve seen collectively on my fingers.  I saw this funny looking guy sitting in the tree and was trying my best to figure out exactly what it was.  You can imagine my bird-nerd excitement when I saw momma bird sitting in the background, a Black Crowned Night Heron.  As soon as I saw her, I could immediately see the family resemblance (ok, species resemblance, but you get what I mean.)  They’re one of my favorite birds, and this weeks pic of the week.

Pic of the Week – 1/12

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ZooMiaJan12 985

How cute is this face?  This past Monday, a few friends and I took our little ones to Zoo Miami for a fun day out.  We were there all day.  All. Day.  But being there for so many hours gave us the opportunity to see everything.  By the time we got to the Australia area of the zoo it was close to evening.  We were quite excited to see the lazy Koala awake!  Well, for all of 3 minutes or so, but he was awake!  This adorable little face is well worth the title of Pic of the Week.

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