Pardon My Absence

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My fellow readers, I thank you for your patience during my hiatus! My camera has been at the camera doctor, I started a new full time job, and my darling little boy coughed in my mouth and have me strep throat. Needless to say, I’ve been quite busy! (And sick) But I am getting back into my groove and finally figuring out my schedule, I promise to be back soon with lots of stories! I’ll even kick off my return with a new category – Throwback Thursday! Stay tuned…


Tortuga Music Festival is Coming Soon to Ft. Lauderdale!

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It’s almost here!  In just over one short month, Ft. Lauderdale Beach will be taken over by the wonderful music of artists such as Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Jake Owen, Michael Franti & Speahead… and so very many others that you’ll just have to look at the photo above to get an idea.  And more artists are still joining in!  All for an awesome cause – to help save out oceans!

The Tortuga Music Festival, brought to you by Rock The Ocean and benefiting the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, is a weekend long music festival to help out our oceans, presented by Landshark Lager. (Thank you Jimmy Buffett, feel free to drop on in!)  Think it’s not a big deal?  Flashback to geography class and remember that 3/4 of our planet is ocean.  That’s a big part of our world, and considering how much they provide all of us with, the big blue sea is something everyone needs to care about.

So come on down, catch some amazing music and eat some fantastic food to your hearts content, all while helping support the cause – to help raise awareness and educate folks on marine conservation and supporting a sustainable ocean.  I’ll be there, son (and sun) on my shoulders, rockin out!  And don’t forget your Guy Harvey shirt!


You can learn more about the festival, purchase tickets, sign up and join the loyalty program for a chance to win tickets and other exciting prizes (wanna to snorkeling with Gloriana?), or even donate to the cause here…

Learn more about Rock The Ocean and see if they’ll be having an event near you here…

And learn more about the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation here…

Hope to see you all out there!


Everglades Sunset

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February13 037


When it comes to the motions of the sun, Florida has some pretty great views.  With Oceans to both out East and West we are able to see some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  The Keys were always the best to me, you could catch a sunrise, spend the day playing, and walk across the street for drinks on the beach at sunset.  Living on the East Coast on the main land of Florida, I’ve seen some beautiful sunrises at the beach.  I’ve always been bummed that there wasn’t a way to enjoy a sunset without spending a few hours in the car and hauling across Alligator Alley.  Turns out you don’t need the Ocean to enjoy a sunset.  If you’re on the East Coast and want to enjoy a beautiful, colorful, peaceful sunset look no further than our very own Florida Everglades…

February13 004

Just west of the Sawgrass Expressway is endless sights of Everglades, a true beauty of Florida.  If you happen to be in Broward County, take Atlantic Blvd all the way to the Sawgrass, get on going South, and before you actually hit the Expressway is a construction sight on the right.  This is a fairly popular place for people wanting to see a beautiful sunset, so don’t worry about being all alone in the Everglades.  Park along the road, walk on back and up onto the levy, and enjoy the sights.  You can bring a chair and relax or your hiking boots of bike and explore the levy, including a part that heads west into the glades.  It is the Everglades, so expect to see nature. Upon arrival, sparrows were swooping everywhere, hunting insects.  You’ll also see flocks of birds flying around, which makes for some pretty cool picture taking opportunities.  You’ll probably also hear larger animals shuffling around in the saw grass.  Naturally, my dog wanted to explore the noises, but as crazy as she makes me, I wasn’t about to have her become dinner for an alligator.  We didn’t come for trouble, we came to relax, and to see this…

February13 050

February13 061

February13 073

February13 088

Jimmy Buffett In Concert, Sunrise FL.

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Ok, I know this isn’t my usual kind of post, but it does make it’s way around to my typical story. See the Manatee sign in the picture above? We’ll get back to that…

Last weekend we went to see Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers live in concert, one of their final shows on the Lounging At The Lagoon tour.  What a show it was!  We heard classics like Margaritaville and Volcano, some of my personal favorites Pencil Thin Mustache (bet you didn’t see that coming) and One Particular Harbor, and some of his duo’s, minus the other band, like Knee Deep.  The crowd was having a grand time!  Many tailgated before the show, beer and margaritas were being served, and, well, some of Florida’s finest herbs were being enjoyed.  It was a fantastic show, one I will surely make a point to see again. (Confession, as big a Jimmy Buffet fan as I am, this was my first concert of his I’ve been to.  Now I feel like I can actually call myself a Parrot Head!)

My reason for allowing a concert on my “All About Animals” blog?  Back to that Manatee.  Jimmy Buffett is a lover of the world’s biggest hippie, the manatee, and an avid supporter of the Save the Manatee Club.  So it is with my love of the sea cow that I want the rest of you to know there is just one more reason to love Jimmy Buffett!

Don’t be terribly surprised when you see another concert, the Tortuga Music Festival to be exact, make an appearance here.  Jimmy’ s fellow Coral Reefer Mac McAnally will be performing (Along with headlined Kenny Chesney and so many others) in this fundraiser brought to you by Rock The Oceans, benefiting the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to help keep our oceans clean.  So, yes, I’m breaking tradition to shine the light on those trying to do right by some of my favorite creatures.

For information on the Save the Manatee Club, visit here…

Interested in the Tortuga Music Festival? Visit here…

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