Pic of the Week – 2/23

February 25, 2013 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Pic of the Week | 2 Comments
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February13 132 copy

Last weekend was a pretty cool weekend.  Literally, for South Florida, it was a chilly 50 something degrees that required layers for those of us with thin blood and came with plenty of complaining from those “Who live in Florida so I don’t get cold” (Which, by the way, we still get cool, you live in Florida so you don’t have to dig out of the snow.)  But if there was someone who LOVES the cool weather it’s my Husky, Lani Bad Dog.  She and I headed out on what I believe was the coolest evening we had all winter to catch the sunset.  I had never been out to the Evergaldes to watch a sunset, so I opted to bring Lani for “protection”… Protection as in she’ll lick you to death.  Regardless of her reason for tagging along, she was psyched to be there!  Since I had my son, life is mostly about him, and since she became an “only dog-child” 9 months ago when our Hoku passed, I can tell she’s been in a rut.  I try my hardest, but usually the only time just her and I get to spend quality time together not at home is when I bring her to the vet or to be groomed.  So needless to say, this was a special night for her.  Cool weather, just the two of us, and new sights ans smells, she was in heaven!  Shortly after the sun set we began hearing noises of larger animals shuffling around in the saw grass.  I could only imagine they were probably alligators hustling to find somewhere warm to sit.  Nose to the air, she explored the sights, sounds, and smells of the environment.  And in this moment, apparently tastes too, becoming my highlight and Pic of the Week.



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  1. great photo!

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