Babies On Safari!

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LCSJan13 306

It was a beautiful January day here in Florida.  My friend and I decided to take our kids to Lion Country Safari and take advantage of the “cool” 68* weather we were having.  Turns out, we weren’t the only ones with babies by our sides.  Forget spring, it seems winter is prime baby time!  I’m excited to share this one, one of my cutest stories!

LCSJan13 010

LCSJan13 011

Babies were present in the very first section of the drive through.  Lion Country Safari is home to a population of Brown Pelicans, all injured wild birds deemed unreleasable due to injuries.  They have made themselves quite a home here and are even bringing in the next generation of pelicans.  I’ve never seen a pelican this young before, and while many baby birds have a face only a mother could love, these kids were quite adorable all covered in fuzzy down feathers.

LCSJan13 020

LCSJan13 021

LCSJan13 087

LCSJan13 097

LCSJan13 149

Further in to the drive, we saw lots of babies along the way, grazing or resting with their parents.  We saw Greater Kudu and Impala little ones, resting Water Buck, and adorable tiny Blackbuck’s that looked like they were actually smaller than my dog.  The Blackbuck’s were actually quite well hidden, laying down in high grass, and we didn’t see them until the herd of bullying Nilgai began chasing them away.  While the mother in us got mad at them for picking on creatures smaller than they were, it was nice of them to help us see what was hiding in the grass.

LCSJan13 172

LCSJan13 174

One of my favorites on the safari is always the Rhino’s.  This baby is probably almost 2 years old now, but I still love seeing it’s sweet little face!  Always close to mom, it’s been fun watching him grow during my trips throughout time.

LCSJan13 254

LCSJan13 194

LCSJan13 196

LCSJan13 200

LCSJan13 215

LCSJan13 216

LCSJan13 217

LCSJan13 218

LCSJan13 219

LCSJan13 222 LCSJan13 231

The babies were getting increasingly more adorable as we drove along.  Soon we were upon a herd of Zebra’s.  There were two precious little fuzzy babies that we saw within the herd.  The one above was just too much!  He had been nursing from his mother, became quite tired, let out a huge yawn, and decided to crash to the ground to rest.  He then realized he was still hungry and slowly grazed in style.  We thought that it wasn’t going to get much cuter than this.  Until we came across the Giraffes…

LCSJan13 298

LCSJan13 305

The highlight of adorableness on this trip was, without a doubt, this little girl.  Born not even 48 hours before our visit, in front of people driving through the safari on Monday, was a brand new baby girl Giraffe, basking in the sun.  We plotted to bring her home, clearly this itty bitty could fit in the car!  She’s another one I’m looking forward to watch grow.

LCSJan13 283

Stay tuned for future posts on these little ones growing up, and hopefully more babies as well!  For my full scoop on Lion Country Safari, see my previous post here…


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