This Otter be interesting…

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Oh, Boca Raton – famous for your riches, snobby residents, and otters?  Well, a few years ago it was anyway when a rabid otter was wreaking havoc in the Western suburbs of Boca, attacking joggers, dogs, and a teenage boy who captured it on video who quickly became the butt of jokes by shows like George Lopez and Tosh.0 not because of the attack but because of his ability to scream like an 8 year old girl.  Luckily for the residents of Boca that otter is gone and times are back to normal.  But that doesn’t mean the otters are gone from Boca!

I was driving down Lyons Rd. (for those of you familiar with the area) when I was something in someones backyard that looked like a disoriented duck that had flown into a building.  As I passed it, I realized that it wasn’t a dizzy duck, but an otter in somebody’s backward, flopping around, cleaning himself, and playing. I quickly popped a u-turn, put on Finding Nemo for my son, and pulled off to the side of the road like a crazy person to take it’s picture.  Of course all it takes is someone seeing someone else with a camera, I quickly had attracted an Otter Paparazzi.  We stood around watching and taking his picture as he ignore our presence bu playing with blades of grass and grooming himself.  He was adorable and put on a great show.  In my 27 years down here, this was only the 2nd otter I have seen in Boca, and I hope to see them more frequently.  I keep checking where I saw him last, but no such luck… yet…



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