Sea Turtles at Deerfield Beach

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A few weekends ago, my best friend was visiting from out of town.  We has planned on driving down to the Keys for a day of snorkeling, but true to my horrible luck, it was raining down there.  Luckily the weather at home cooperated for long enough to allow us two mornings of snorkeling.  We headed out to good ol’ trusty Deerfeind Beach, home of the most likely sea turtle sighting.  Without fail, they were there both days.




I love going to Deerfield Beach because I always see something exciting.  I have seen a sea horse, eels, nurse sharks, and tons of different kinds of fish.  Every single time I’ve been there I have seen at least one sea turtle and every time is just as exciting as the last, it never gets old.  As we were swimming out to the reef, we felt like we were swimming father than usual and not coming upon a reef.  Finally, as we were swimming, we looked down and saw some jagged rocks sticking out of the sand.  Later that day, we asked other snorkelers if they knew what had happened, and apparently between dredging and storms, the first row of reef had been covered up.  It was pretty sad news knowing how many animals call this place home.  Luckily there are more rows behind the first, and while they’re a little more of a swim to get to, at least they’re there!  We were worried we may not see anything but we were quite excited when we stumbled upon this little barnacle back who was just cruising along.  He would stop and snack a little and then just keep swimming on his was.  As usual, he seemed unimpressed with out presence.  It was a quieter day on the reef as far as the fish were concerned, but this little turtle was all we needed.


We returned on Sunday morning before the storms blew in.  The ocean was calm, but there was a strong current and the water clarity wasn’t as good as the day before.  No worries… we knew exactly where to go today.  As soon as we made it to the reef we saw two sea turtles passing each other.  This first one, with sea grass hanging from it’s mouth, was a little more on the shy side, so we left it alone.


The second turtle we saw was a little more social, so we hung out with him for a while.  It’s nice to see that they’re not terribly bothered by people, I can only assume this means that people don’t usually harass them.  We were happy to see the turtles again as it was another quiet fish day.  I do hope the first row on reef uncovers and comes back to life.  Not just for the people who enjoy it, but for all the animals that call it home.


Now more than ever because of the longer distance to the reef, you MUST have a dive flag.


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