California (Sea Lion) Love

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Seriously, how adorable are there two?

A few years ago, my husband and I met friends of mine who were visiting from Atlanta at Sea World in Orlando. Instead of watching any of the shows, we enjoyed the roller coasters and animal exhibits while everyone else in the park was crammed into the theaters. During one of the shows, we headed over to the Pacific Point Preserve, an area in the park where Sea Lions and Harbor Seals live in an area designed to look like what their home on the coast may look like. The habitat was done quite well. It had an open water area with a wave machine, flat rocks above and barely covered in water, rocky ledges where the animals could climb and sun themselves, and even a little cove area that had water deep enough to swim but not as deep as the open area. Our eyes were immediately drawn to the cove area where there were several baby sea lions diving off the ledges and playing in the water. Their parents were off “hunting” (being fed) and had left them in this safe area, much like they would do in the wild. One by one, the mothers returned to pick up their little ones. What we saw still makes me smile to this day! A mother would enter the cove, identify her little one, and press her nose to the babies nose in a fashion that looked like a kiss. They would then leave together.

This mother and baby pair stopped right below us. They touched noses, baby played all around it’s mom and climbed on her, if it got too far away she would yell at him to come back. (If my mother yelled like a Sea Lion I probably would have been a much better behaved child!) Then, for just a few minutes, they settles down. The baby scooted up to its mother, put his flipper up on her like he was giving her a hug, and they just sat together. The result of that sweet moment (before the baby was off and driving its mother crazy again) is pictured above.


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